The High-Performance Teen CEO Academy
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Finally, A Step By Step, Easy to Implement, Home-Based Entrepreneur Training Program
For Teens
What Is HPTC Academy?
A Home-Based Entrepreneur Training Program For Teens
You can Get Started from anywhere with an internet connection. You also have unlimited access to the program year round. Entrepreneurship is a process that can't be mastered in a week. 
Teens Launch Your Business In 90 Days
Our teens don’t just “learn” about the concept of starting a business sometime in the future; they START ONE NOW! Why should your child wait until after college to learn the ins and outs of the business and explore the REAL WORLD?
Give Your Child The Competitive Edge
Learn skills that aren’t traditionally taught in school.
The days where people held jobs for 20 years are gone. America’s future is dependent upon the next generation of entrepreneurs. Young entrepreneurs learn critical life skills like how to set goals, how to meet deadlines, how to fail and start again, and how to network.
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For Success In This New Economy?
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